Tuesday, 2 October 2012

LED Lighting Kit

Is LED confusing?
Do you not know where to start?
We now have LED downlight kits!
We have put together a downlight kit with an LED lamp included, the kits come complete with a high quality Ansell iCage - Fire Rated fitting and top of the range Megaman LED MODO GU10 Lamp. You can choose the fitting colour and lamp type at the checkout, fittings come in black, brass, satin chrome, chrome and white - Lamp colours available are warm white, cool white and day light.

The Ansell iCage is revolutionising the market, its cool cage design allows heat to escape the fitting, keeping the lamp cool which stops the common problems of low lamp life and damaged lamp holders. This reduction in heat also lowers the risk of fire, however if a fire was to occur the patented intumescent disc reacts and seals the fitting preventing the fire from spreading any further. The quality of this die-cast steel fitting puts it well in front of its competitors.

The Megaman Modo GU10 LED is one of our best selling LED lamps, we have both dimmable and non dimmable in stock and in the full range of colours, these lamps are 4.5w and will last for at least 50,000 hours compared to the normal life of a standard halogen GU10 at 2000 hours. There is a huge saving to be made in running costs, if you would like us to work it out for you send us an email, we will be more than happy to send you a chart displaying your potential savings.

We have put these packages together to save you money, you wont get it cheaper anywhere else!

BUY NOW - http://www.mhelec.co.uk/downlight--led-lamp-kit-369-c.asp

If you need any help or assistance in your purchase please contact us via phone or email.

Phone - 01928 591888
Email - sales@mhelec.co.uk

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